Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Disclaimer: Just going to be vague about the topic because I don't actually want to go into what it's about. But the vagueness makes it seem much more dramatic than it really is. So dw, everything is fine. 

Things turned out a lot better than I had anticipated, but at the end of the day, it's the end results that matter. Yeah there's the whole experience, blah blah. But there was so much effort and feelings wasted just because of a lame shortcoming of mine. Not to mention, I'm teased by how close I actually was to achieving what I wanted. It's not the end of the world though, just disappointment.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!! / 2016 in Review

Happy New Year!! 
I was planning on staying in last night to just study but ended up going out to Central Park for fireworks. But I did study to/from there, as well as while waiting for the countdown.

I guess "life changing" events did happen this year, but they're more like milestones. Even so, in a way, it feels like not a lot has happened this year, so that's why this post will be kept short.

Graduated with more than enough credits, but wish I had been able to take electives that I was interested in (mainly language courses) and a bit disappointed that I dropped my minor in my senior year. But I was able to study abroad twice, which not a lot of others get a chance to.

Traveled to Shanghai and Thailand (Phuket & Chiang Mai)
It was a two week trip but I wish I had stayed for at least a month, as originally planned.

Moved to New York
Fortunate to say that I graduated without having stressing about unemployment. Thus, I relocated to New York for said job. 

Without going too much into it, I think I did mature/learn a lot on certain levels. I discovered a goal that I would like to strive for, although who knows, maybe it'll change, but it took me 5 years to finally reach one. I learned more about myself in terms of what I seek out. I was able to strengthen existing bonds and form new ones, although some were broken along the way. But it's all part of growing up. Last but not least, I developed an unhealthy worry about aging.

Enough procrastinating, until next time~

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Update: Moved to New York

Hello, hello. It's been so long. Technically, I did post a few times during the spring/early summer but that barely counts because it just wasn't as in depth as my usual posts. Not necessarily length-wise, but it was just different. As usual, I didn't finish my travel posts either haha. I really doubt I'll get to them... although I haven't been able to clear my phone of the photos until I do! As I sit here writing this, I'm actually procrastinating studying for the CPA. I have no idea how I'm going to get them done before the exam changes/NTS expires but let's hope for the best.
So as many of you know, or if you haven't really been keeping up with my life, I moved to New York on August 1! And started my job a few days later. My apartment is quite small and old, but for the price and location, I can't really complain too much either. Although I've already had a bunch of freak outs and definitely days where I wanted to LEAVE.
My room is also tiny and a bit smaller than I would have liked. For reference, I wanted a 10x10, which honestly isn't even that big either, but I'm living in a 8x10 room. The photo above was minutes after moving in. All those plastic bags covered my entire floor, or what little floor I have. There was no room for anything. It took maybe a day or so to clear it off. The floor wasn't too bad because somehow I was able to navigate to the bed. The worst was clearing off my bed:
But the struggle really came from realizing I didn't have enough drawer/closet space to fit everything so I needed to buy a second clothes rack, so until then (which ended up being ~3 weeks later) I slept with this remaining pile: 
Those plastic bags from earlier actually have a majority of my clothes.. so this was only a fraction of it. Yet... I always seem to end up wearing the same few outfits, hm... Now I have an ugly, out of place clothes rack in my room that takes up 40% of the empty space I used to have.

This is the closet I have to a room photo:
You can tell which rack sticks out like a sore thumb... you can also use your imagination for the rest of my room :)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been something I picked up recently, and hopefully it'll cure me of my hoarding problem—although, the thought of it saddens me because I love all my things :'(

I think that I'm adjusting fairly well. It's a really big city with a lot of people, so naturally it can feel lonely—but luckily, I haven't experienced that negatively yet. I befriended some new people, mainly coworkers but for the most part I've kept to myself lately. It doesn't really bother me too much, I think just working and getting home late definitely contributes to it. Because by the time I get home, it's usually 7 or 8. After cooking, eating, and cleaning up, it's already 9:30 or so. By then I just want to sit in bed and watch Gilmore Girls (all the time which could've been spent studying, tsk tsk).

Just wanted to do a quick update, I think most of this post sums it up. To end the post, I tried to look for nice photos to balance out the ones of my room.. but I was only able to pull up two. I guess my life hasn't been that interesting :'(

Oh, on that note, another slight update (ish)! I've recently (both in the few months) upgraded! From my iPhone 5 and Sony TX9 to an iPhone 7 Plus and Sony RX100 II. Hopefully my photos reflect that from now on :) Room photos are still with the old phone. Although I find that the 7 has pretty pixilated looking photos?
Tacos from Los Tacos No.1; Adobada (Marinated Pork) is probably my favorite!

View from Top of the Rock

Until next time~

Friday, May 27, 2016

Back in Shanghai!: Part One

Day 1:
I've only been back for a few days and I already regret not booking a longer trip T_T My original plan from way back was to just do a 1-2 month trip and just live here...because when will I ever get a chance to again? Plus I'm just bumming around until work starts anyways. And I didn't expect to go on a week long trip T_T So I really only have ~5? days in Shanghai after I factor in airport days. 

Anyways, I lost a day because I was going forward in time. I arrived with no problems, and slept most of the way, tbh. I watched Deadpool, The Revenant, and 500 Days of Summer on the plane. 

I arrived in the evening, and my friend and I went to Yershari (耶里夏丽) for Xinjiang food. 
The food was good!! And relatively inexpensive too. 

Revisited Nanjing Dong Lu and walked over to the Bund before meeting up with some others at Lujiazui. When I got home, I completely passed out after washing up. 

Day 2:
The next day, I met up with my friend (+others) for lunch at Grandma's Home (老婆家). The service was a tad slow but the food was alright. I didn't really take pictures, but I recommend the shrimp with vermicelli! 
Accidentally ordered this...yep, just a plate of green peas.

I roamed and loitered around for a bit before heading to Barbarossa (restaurant and lounge), which is located right in People's Square. They have happy hour everyday (50% off drinks!) so we went there for a bit while waiting for a friend to check out his new apartment. 

It was already 10:45PM before we had dinner because it ended up taking longer than expected :( At first we were going to Koreatown because we wanted KBBQ but then the cab driver kept suggesting going to 老外街 instead for more international options, so we drive past 韩国街 and the kept driving and driving. Wtf, but we already knew what we wanted to eat so I dunno why my friend agreed to keep going!! >:( 

So we ended up at this Korean restaurant (forgot the name) in the middle of nowhere because we didn't want to go to 老外街 but the place wasn't too memorable... the meats weren't marinated, so we were just eating grilled meat :| But it was nice to see my friend again!! 

But I was already so tired since much earlier T_T We still stayed out and went to Shakespeare Bar on Yongkang Lu (永康路) to meet up with someone. Ahhh I'm so bad, I was caught dozing a couple of times T_T When we finally went home, I just passed out while sitting (because I was waiting for the bathroom to wash up). Sleepily washed up and completely knocked out. 

Day 3:
Met up with my friend to eat malatang for lunch!
One of the many things that I missed :(

And then... I found my heaven T_T
I actually asked around for a place like this when I was in shanghai before, but I didn't hear of this place! Ugh, regrets. So many regrets.
Photo credit: My friend, Y
My loot... (minus 3 of them)
Snacking 因为我是胖子。

So this was part one of my trip in Shanghai! I'm in Phuket now, so I'll blog about that one next. So until next time~

Thursday, May 5, 2016


A day that won't be erased. One that I will always carry with me, alone. 
Should it be buried because it's belongs in the past? No, because that would be cheating myself.

On my way back to that day, I had to relive what was. 
It wasn't my intention to; my goal was that day, not any of the others. 
Even so, buried emotions, promises, potential, and sacrifices resurfaced along the way.
Endless passings.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reoccurring Dreams

Just as the title indicates, I keep having dreams with the same theme since the other night. They're kind of related to irl, but I won't really let them affect me because reality hasn't changed :\ Those who don't care simply don't. Not really sure why they would claim otherwise when they only betray and don't even show any sincerity. Why am I still being haunted :(

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Did I have a dream?

I don't really remember having one... but woke up today feeling a little down. Kind of like, if I did have a dream, I know what it would've been about. So as soon as I woke up, the feeling kind of transferred. But then if there was no dream, then there is no transfer. Then that would mean I just woke up kind of down. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Ahhh...

What's on my mind? Broken promises.